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Julie Goodman Fine Art



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The perfect “Back to School” or "Book Club" Gift!

Hand painted bookmarks are one-of-a-kind functional art pieces that make the perfect gift! Each bookmark is unique and made with acrylic paint, gold leaf, and graphite on paper. Each bookmark is 5.5x2 inches, stamped on the back with my website information, and includes a tassel!  

To order, scroll down to select the color family. Scroll up to select quantity. Repeat for each color family!

$5 Each

Buy 3 get 1 FREE

Evergreen- Hints of gray-blue and bold greens create a forestry vibe. Hints of gold leaf surround the various colors.

Limelight- Beautiful bold greens, yellows, and lime greens. Hints of gold leaf and subtle graphite mark making detail.

Paradise- Greens and blues merge to create a beautiful turquoise paradise. Hints of gold leaf surround the various colors.

Rain Dance- Mature and elegant, this color scheme is timeless. Textures of brush strokes shine underneath the paint and gold leaf.

Very Berry- Pink and purple with subtle yellow tones make for a fun, eye catching bookmark. Hints of gold leaf surround the colors.

***(When you select a color family, you’ll receive a randomly selected bookmark and colored tassel within that family. They are all gorgeous, so you can’t go wrong!)***

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